How To Apply

4 Ways to Apply for a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

  1. Text Us - Want to get answers to your questions in real-time? Text Us @ 315.343.7822, and one of our specialists will guide you.
  2. Call Now - Want to talk it over with one of our experts before you apply? Give us a call at 315.343.7822, and we’ll answer your questions and complete your application.
  3. Apply Online or Mobile Banking - Applying for an OCFCU Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan online is easy and completely secure. So go ahead — click to get started now!
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  4. Visit a Branch - Prefer face-to-face interaction? Stop in and apply for your OCFCU Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan in person. 

Before You Start - Be Prepared in 3 Easy STEPs 
No matter which convenient Home Equity option you choose, our application process can be quick and easy if you take the following steps before you begin.

Step 1: Review the requirements:

    • Must own your home in NY state
    • Must have available home equity

Step 2: Be able to provide the following:

    • Telephone numbers, addresses, and Social Security Number(s) for any persons listed on the application
    • Income or employment verification:
      • Employer name, length of employment, and gross salary/income
      • Recent paystub and W2s (tax return information)
      • Financial information regarding additional sources of income such as second employers, social security, pension, SIP, 401K, rental income, etc.
    • Financial information regarding expenses such as loans, credit cards, liability to pay child support, and separate maintenance payments
    • Mortgage details, including home value, current balance, and monthly payments
    • Homeowner’s insurance information (including proof of flood insurance, if applicable)
    • Annual property tax information

Step 3: Apply for your Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit:

    • Utilize any of the four convenient options below to finish your application.
    • Still have questions?
      • Connect with an OCFCU Representative so we can help.
    • Final approval is subject to completion of the loan process, including a property valuation and title review.
    • Property appraisal:
      • OCFCU may conduct a property valuation after your application is submitted.
      • The valuation type is based on multiple factors, including amount, credit tier, and property value.

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