Buy Now, Pay Later


Same debit card, more flexible payments

  • Use your debit card whenever and wherever you shop
  • Manage your budget by spreading larger expenses over time
  • Review and manage all plans, offers, and payments in on place


Getting Started

  • Make purchases with your debit card
  • Check "Buy Now, Pay Later" in your online banking 
  • View available BNPL offers on eligible purchases
  • Decide which purchases you would like to split overtime
  • Select the installment plan that works for you
  • See your purchase amount deposited back to your account within 24 hours


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find my BNPL offers? BNPL offers are found in Oswego County FCU Online Banking from the BNPL tab. 
  • Why can't I see any BNPL offers? If you do not see BNPL offers, this may be because your current account status or your recent debit card purcahses are not eligible for BNPL. If you already have active BNPL plans, you may not be eligible for additional offers until the active plans are paid back.
  • What is an eligible purchase? An eligible purchase is a debit card purchase made in the past 60 days that is at least $80 and was not a cash or cash equivalent purchase (e.g. ATM withdrawal, money order, cash advance, etc.) Other restrictions surrounding the merchant type and transaction limits may affect BNPL eligibility.
  • Does BNPL require a credit check? No, Oswego County FCU BNPL offering does not require a credit check.